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John Ferguson

Terror on the Island

Collins Crime Club 1942
Artwork by Thompson

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John Ferguson     Thompson

IT is good to welcome again an exceptionally fine story by John Ferguson. Stories from the pen of this classic detective story writer are ait too rare. Such brilliant novels as Stea/thy Terror, The Man in the Dark and Death Comes to Per/gore/ have earned him wide popularity. Terror on the Island is an exceedingly gripping and well-told mystery set first of all In Germany and later in the German-occupied island of Guernsey In the present war. We do not forget that one summer day in 1940 over one small portion of the British Empire the Swastika was hoisted. The symbol of all evil fluttered over those Channel Island beaches that once were crowded with carefree holiday-makers, it is a marvellous setting for a really hair-raising adventure; the chief character, Allan Stewart, a British agent, Is a rival to the famous Pimpernel himself. His duel with the Gestapo makes this one of the grandest and most exciting novels of the war.

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