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John Ferguson

Death Comes to Perigord

Collins Crime Club 1931
Artwork unattributed

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John Ferguson    

DEATH Comes to Perigord is a detective story concerned with the disappearance and subsequent death of a man while under the care of a young doctor in the absence of the usual medical attendant. The story is set in the Channel Islands, among a mixed population of French and English, but its interest first lies in the discovery by the young locum of certain peculiarities in the dead body which flatly contradict each other. And the doubts thus raised ate reinforced by the detective's discovery of a small peculiarity about the dead man's watch. Subsequent clues include a ship's figurehead, a perfumed handkerchief, a knife blade, a barking dog, a scrap of seaweed and a tennis ball that had been gilded, and these apparently disconnected objects Detective McNab, with the help of Dr. Dunn, builds up into a connected and coherent sequence which, step by step, reveals the part played by each article in the murder and leads to the identification of the real criminal.

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