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Fergus Hume Bibliography

UK - US First Edition Books

The following bibliography contains the criminous titles
We are always interesting in buying pre 1940 UK first editions in dust jacket
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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
The Mystery of the Hansom Cab Kemp 1886 Australia
Professor Brankel's Secret MBRB 1886 Australia
Madame Midas HCC 1888 US: 1888 Munro
The Girl from Malta HCC 1889 US: 1889 Lovell
The Piccadilly Puzzle White 1889 US: 1889 Lovell
The Gentleman Who Vanished White 1890 US: 1892 Liberty
The Man with a Secret White 1890 3 volumes
Miss Mephistopheles White 1890 US: 1890 Lovell
Who God Hath Joined White 1891 3 vols
The Year of the Miracle Routledge 1891 US: 1891 Lovell
A Creature of the night Low 1891 US: 1891 Lovell
The Fever of Life Lovell 1891 UK: 1892 Low, 2 vols
Monsieur Judas Blackett 1891 US: 1891Waverly
The Island Fantasy Farrar 1892 3 volumes
When I lived in Bohemia Arrowsmith 1892  
The Chronicles of Faeryland Farran 1892 US: 1893 Lippincott
The Black Carnation Gale 1892 US: 1892 USBC
Aladdin in London Black 1892 US: 1892 Mifflin
Dowker Detective Seaside 1892 US only
A Speck of the Motley Innes 1893  
The Harlequin Opal Allen 1893 US: 1893 McNally
The Chinese Jar Sampson 1893  
The Best of Her Sex Allen 1894 2 volumes
The Gates of Dawn Low 1894 US: 1894 Neely
The Lone Inn Jarrolds 1894 US: 1895 Cassell
A Midnight Mystery Polden 1894  
The Mystery at Landy Court Jarrolds 1894  
The Cruise of the Liza Jane Ward 1895  
The Expedition of Captain Flick Jarrolds 1895 US: 1899
The Masquerade Mystery Digby 1895  
The Third Volume Cassell 1895 US edition
The Unwilling Bride Ogilvie 1895 US only
The White Prior Warne 1895 UK
The Carbuncle Clue Warne 1896  
The Dwarf's Chamber Lock 1896  
A Marriage Mystery Long 1896  
Tracked By a Tattoo Warne 1896  
Claude Duval of Ninety Five Digbt 1897 US: 1897 Dillingham
The Tombstone Treasure Jarrolds 1897  
The Clock Struck One Warne 1898  
Hagar of the Pawn Shop Skeffington 1898 US: 1899 Buckles
The Devil Stick Downey 1898  
For the Defense McNally 1898  
Lady Jezebel Pearson 1898 US: 1898 Mansfield
The Rainbow Feather Digby 1898 US: 1898 Dillingham
The Indian Bangle Low 1899  
The Red-Headed Man Long 1899  
The Silent House in Pimlico Long 1899 US: 1907 Doscher
The Bishop's Secret Long 1900 US: 1900 McNally
The Crimson Cryptogram Long 1900 US: 1901 NABC
Shylock of the River Long 1900  
A Traitor in London Long 1900 US: 1900 Buckles
The Lady from Nowhere Chatto 1900 US: 1900 Brentano's
The Vanishing Tera White 1900  
The Crime of the Crystal Long 1901  
The Golden Wang Ho Long 1901 US: 1928 Westbrook as Secret of the Chinese Jar
The Mother of Emeralds Blackett 1901  
The Millionaire Mystery Chatto 1901 US: 1901 Buckles
A Woman's Burden Jarrolds 1901  
The Pagan's Cup Long 1902 US: Dillingham
The Turnpike House Long 1902  
Woman the Sphinx Long 1902  
The Jade Eye Long 1903  
The Miser's Will Treherne 1903  
The Silver Bullet Long 1903  
The Guilty House White 1903  
The Yellow Holly Long 1903 US: 1903 Dillingham
The Coin of Edward VII Long 1903 US: 1903 Dillingham
The Mandarin's Fan Long 1904 US: 1905 Dillingham
The Lonely Church Long 1904  
The Red Window Digby 1904 US: 1904 Dillingham
The Wheeling Light Chatto 1904  
The Wooden Hand White 1904  
The Fatal Song White 1905  
Lady Jim of Curzon Street Laurie 1905 US: 1906 Dillingham
The White Room White 1905  
The Opal Serpent Long 1905 US: 1905 Dillingham
The Scarlet Bat White 1905  
The Secret Passage Long 1905 US: 1905 Dillingham
The Black Patch Long 1906  
The Dancer in Red LLong 1906  
Jonah's Luck White 1906  
The Mystery of the Shadow Cassell 1906 US: 1906 Dodge
Flies in the Web White 1907  
The Purple Fern Everett 1907  
The Sealed Message Dillingham 1907 UK: 1908 Long
The Yellow Hunchback White 1907  
The Amethyst Cross Cassell 1908  
The Crowned Skull Laurie 1908 US: 1908 Dodge, as The Red Skull
The Green Mummy Long 1908 US: 1908 Dillingham
The Mystery of a Motor Cab Everett 1908  
The Sacred Herb Long 1908 US: 1908 Dillingham
The Devil's Ace Everett 1909  
The Disappearing Eye Long 1909 US: 1909 Dillingham
The Top Dog White 1909  
The Solitary Farm Lock 1909 US: 1909 Dillingham
The Lonely Subaltern White 1910  
The Mikado Jewel Everett 1910  
The Peacock Jewels Digby 1910 US: 1910 Dillingham
The Spider Lock 1910  
High Water Mark White 1910  
The Jew's House Ward 1911  
The Pink Shop White 1911  
The Rectory Governess White 1911  
Red Money Dillingham 1911 UK: 1912 Ward Lock
The Steel Crown Long 1911 US: 1911 Dillingham
Across the Footlights Whit 1912  
The Blue Talisman Laurie 1912 US: 1925 Clode
A Son of Perdition Rider 1912  
Mother Mandarin White 1912  
The Mystery Queen Lock 1912 US: 1912 Dillingham
The Curse Laurie 1913  
In Queer Street White 1913  
The Thirteenth Guest Lock 1913  
Seen the Shadow White 1913  
The 4 PM Express White 1914  
Not Wanted White 1914  
The Lost Parchment Lock 1914 US: 1914 Dillingham
Answered A Spy Story White 1915  
The Caretaker Lock 1915  
The Red Bicycle Lock 1916  
The Silent Signal Lock 1917  
The Grey Doctor Lock 1917  
The Black Image Lock 1918  
Heart of Ice Blackett 1918  
Next Door Ward 1918  
Crazy Quilt Lock 1919  
The Master-Mind Blackett 1919  
The Dark Avenue Lock 1920  
The Other Person White 1920  
The Singing Head Blackett 1920  
The Woman Who Held On Lock 1920  
Three Lock 1921  
The Unexpected Odhams 1921  
A Trick of Time Blackett 1922  
The Moth Woman Blackett 1923  
The Whispering Lane Blackett 1924 US: 1925 Maynard
The Caravan Mystery Blackett 1926  
The Last Straw Hutchinson 1932  
The Hurton Treasure Mystery Mellifont 1937  

Phew! I just typed all of this, I do hope you appreciate it!

Further Information
Fergus Hume was born 1859 and died in 1932, and it is patently obvious, not only by this bibliography but also my case of Repetitive Strain Injury, that he was one of the most prolific mystery authors ever. He is of course best known for the Hansom Cab, a cornerstone title for any serious collector. Unfortunately the rest of his work was clearly affected by the voluminous output. Any collector wishing to put together a full set of Fergus Hume first editions must surely be embarking on a lifetimes work. Many of the books saw no American release, some that did had alternative titles, which we have noted. There is more information about this author elsewhere on the site, I am now going to lie down in a dark room!.


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