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The following bibliography contains the criminous titles
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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
A Bride from the Bush Elder 1890  
Under Two Skies Black 1892  
Tiny Luttrell Cassell 1893 2 volumes
The Boss of Taroomba Bliss 1894  
The Rogue's March Cassell 1896  
Irralie's Bushranger Beeman 1896  
My Lord Duke Cassell 1897  
Some Persons Unknown Cassell 1898  
Young Blood Cassell 1898  
The Amateur Cracksman Methuen 1899  
Dead Men Tell No Tales Methuen 1899  
The Bell of Toorak Richards 1900 US: Shadow of a Man
Peccavi Richards 1900  
The Black Mask Richards 1901 US: Raffles Further Adventures
Shadow of the Rope Chatto 1902  
At Large Scribner 1902 No US
Denis Dent Ibister 1903  
Stingaree Chatto 1905  
The Thief in the Night Chatto 1905  
Mr Justice Raffles Elder 1909  
The Camera Fiend Unwin 1911  
Witching Hill Hodder 1913  
The Thousandth Woman Nash 1913  
The Crime Doctor Nash 1914  
Old Offenders ... Murray 1923 No US edition

Further Information
EW Hornung, Ernest William, was born in Yorkshire, England, on 7th June 1866. He is best known for his main series character, AJ Raffles, the gentleman cracksman. A fabulous character who, sadly, seems to have been almost forgotten about by readers today. In all cases, the UK editions precede the American. A couple of books were not issued Stateside and there are two alternative titles.

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