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Ernest Dudley Bibliography

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This bibliography contains Ernest Dudley's mystery books
We cannot currently guarantee the chronology of books when more than one title was published in the same year.
We believe only one title was published in America and that is mentioned below
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Title Published By Date Issue Points - Notes
Mr. Walker Wants to Know Wright & Brown 1939  
Meet Dr. Morelle John Long 1943  
Meet Dr. Morelle Again John Long 1944  
The Adventures of Jimmy Strange John Long 1945  
Menace for Dr. Morelle John Long 1947  
Dr. Morelle Meets Murder and other New
Findon 1948  
The Crooked Straight Hodder & Stoughton 1948  
The Dark Bureau Hodder & Stoughton 1950  
Dr. Morelle and the Drummer Girl Hodder & Stoughton 1950  
The Private Eye John Long 1950  
The Harassed Hero Hodder & Stoughton 1951 Blue cloth, black titles
Dust jacket priced 9/6
Look out for Lucifer! John Long 1951  
Two-Face John Long 1952  
Picaroon Robert Hale 1952 US: 1953 Bobbs
The Crooked Inn Hodder & Stoughton 1953  
T Dr. Morelle, with Arthur Watkyn Evans 1954 A play
The Blind Beak Robert Hale 1954  
The Whistling Sands Hodder & Stoughton 1956  
Callers for Dr. Morelle Robert Hale 1957  
Dr. Morelle Takes a Bow Robert Hale 1957  
Dr. Morelle and Destiny Robert Hale 1958  
Leatherface Robert Hale 1958 Dust jacket by Biro
The Mind of Dr. Morelle Robert Hale 1958  
Confess to Dr. Morelle Robert Hale 1959  
Alibi and Dr. Morelle Robert Hale 1959  
Dr. Morelle at Midnight Robert Hale 1959  
Dr. Morelle and the Doll Robert Hale 1960  
Nightmare for Dr. Morelle Robert Hale 1960 Black cloth, green & silver
Dustwrapper 10/6
To Love and to Perish. Robert Hale 1962  

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Further Information
Ernest Dudley was a pseudonym of Vivian Ernest Coltman-Allen who was born in 1908.

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Sample from Harassed Hero
He stood on the pavement outside the large dispensing chemists, swirls of the fog which had descended on London with freakish suddenness eddying about him. He coughed nervously. At this rate he was certain to catch double pneumonia and be hi bed for a month or more. He might even die. He shuddered. If only he wasn't loaded up with all these parcels he'd have tried one of those lozenges he had in his pocket. He would have to wait until he got into a taxi. "Taxi . . . Taxi!" He should never have come out on a day like this, he told himself. He ought to have phoned Dr. Wyatt to put him off. It was only that he had felt so ghastly. He should have insisted on the doctor coming round to see him. Come to think of it if the chap had felt any consideration towards him he would have offered to call round himself. It was suicide expecting a patient to stagger out in weather like this. A veritable graveyard guarantee. He broke off his morose ruminations as a somewhat discrepit-looking taxi pulled in to the kerb. He dashed towards it. "Taxi ... I say, taxi!" The equally decrepit-looking driver turned a ginger moustache, dripping with mist, to him. "Orlright," he grunted irritably. "I heard yer first time. Where to?" "Chelsea. Number fifteen, River Street. Off the Embankment. Hold on, I've got to get these parcels in. Open the door for me, would you?" The taxi-driver eyed the brown-paper packages of varying shapes and sizes Murray Selwyn was clutching to him. He got

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