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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
The Mystery of Maybury Manor Cassell 1920  
Hands of Death Hamilton 1937 ECB lists only 3/6 cheap ed Jan 38
Death in the Mews Hamilton 1937 Aug 37. DW 7/6
Death of an Oddfellow Hamilton 1938 May 38. DW 7/6
Not dated. Red cloth, black letters.
Murder from the Grave Hamilton 1938 Oct 38. DW 7/6

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Further Information
Eric Wood had two main series characters, Arnold Keene and Bernard Young

We are Greatly indebted to Alison Campling for the following
"I’m his great niece and can tell you that although he used the pen-name Eric wood, his real name was Frank Knowles Campling (1885-1940). He wrote many books, mainly published by Cassell and co during the 20s and 30s, generally heroic stories, war time adventures etc. (if you google his name you will come up with lists of articles and stories of his). Ironically, his only son, Eric Frank Knowles Campling, was killed during WW2- he was a Lancaster pilot who was awarded both the DSO and DFC for his heroism. As well as being published in book-form, he also wrote many articles for The Strand and Toby magazine and was also editor of Toby magazine."

It was Detective Inspector Bulcraig who called in the aid of Arnold Keene and Bernard Young, colleagues in scientific criminal investigation, whose clever work in the case of the strange Death in the Mews had saved Scotland Yard from making " a bloomer." Bulcraig wanted assistance to unravel the Mancing mystery— the treasurer of the local Oddfellows' Lodge had disappeared with five hundred pounds belonging to the Lodge..


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