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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Eric Lambert Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Twenty Thousand Thieves Frederick Muller 1952 First published in Australia 1951
The Five Bright Stars Australasian Book Society 1954 This is the edition in the British Library
The Veterans Frederick Muller 1954 Dustwrapper priced 12/6
Watermen Frederick Muller 1956 Set in Port Phillip Bay and Bass Strait
The Dark Backward Frederick Muller 1958
Glory Thrown In Frederick Muller 1959
The Rehabilitated Man Frederick Muller 1960 Dust jacket artwork by P.Morgan
Ballarat Frederick Muller 1962
Dolphin Frederick Muller 1963 Illustrated by Edward Standon
The Drip Dry Man Frederick Muller 1963
Diggers Die Hard. A war story Fleetway 1963 Hubin calls for 1958??
Kelly Frederick Muller 1964
A Short Walk to the Stars Frederick Muller 1964
MacDougal's Farm Frederick Muller 1965 Non-fiction, not in Hubin
The Tender Conspiracy Frederick Muller 1965 Illustrated by Iris Schweitzer
The Long White Night Frederick Muller 1965
Mad with much heart Frederick Muller 1967 A life of the parents of Oscar Wilde
Hiroshima Reef Frederick Muller 1967

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Eric Lambert Author Biography - Information About the Author
Eric Lambert was an Australian author born in 1918 and died in 1966.
The books can all be located in dust jacket and are modestly priced.
Most of the books listed above are in Hubin but for the sake of completion we've included those which are not.
Every book held by the major UK institutional libraries is included in this bibliography.
No known pseudonyms, series characters or American publications.

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