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This Eric Bruton bibliography or checklist features all titles written by the author that we could find.
The author had a series called The City of London Police
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Death in Ten Point Bold Herbert Jenkins 1957  
Die, Darling, Die Boardman 1959  
Violent Brothers Boardman 1960  
The Hold Out Boardman 1961  
King Diamond Boardman 1961  
The Devil's Pawn Boardman 1962  
The Laughing Policeman Boardman 1963  
The Finsbury Mob Boardman 1964  
The Smithfield Slayer Boardman 1965 Bloodhound Mystery No 487
Red cloth, black titles, Jacket 12/6
The Wicked Saint Boardman 1965  
The Fire Bug Boardman 1967  
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Dust Jacket Artist: D Mcloughlin

Further Information
The author was born in 1915 and his main series character was Inspector George Judd.
We should very much like to add to this woefully inadequate biography, if you have any information or are a family member please do get in touch.

First Page of Smithfield Slayer
DETECTIVE INSPECTOR GEORGE JUDD was pleased with himself. He sat squarely at the plain oak table that served as his desk in an office as bare as a prison cell. He stretched out his arm and pointed a finger at his senior Detective Sergeant, who stood before him. "You. .." "Your country needs you ..." Berger said. Judd looked like the First World War poster of Kitchener with his black hearthrug moustache and bullet head. " You," he repeated, "should be trying to do my job." "I can just imagine what you'd say if I started giving the orders...." Judd lowered his hand, genuinely astonished. "Is that what you think?" "You hand out the jobs like a man with no arms." "You're under-worked? " "I didn't say that, sir. Somebody said on the radio this morning the average C.I.D. officer works fourteen hours a day. No. What I was trying to say was, I can't tread on your heels because you don't delegate enough to me. I don't have enough decisions to make." "I see." Judd studied John Berger as if he did not see him every day. Berger was big, like all City policemen


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