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Eric Allen Bibliography

UK First Edition Books in Order

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Eric Allen Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Prayer is Better than Sleep Wells Gardner 1946
Eric Allen's Broadcast Stories Rich & Cowan 1947
How Many Miles to Cyprus Methuen 1955 Illustrated by Janet Allen-Ballard
Pepe Moreno Faber 1955 Illustrations by Hazel Cook
Perilous Passport [A novel.] Hammond 1958 Also on Corgi as Passport to Murder
The Incredible Adventures of Don Quixote Faber 1958 Retelling by Eric Allen. Illus' David Knight
Pepe Moreno and the Roller Skates Faber 1958 Illustrated by David Knight
Death on Delivery Hammond 1958 A Cloak and Dagger Mystery
Hangtree Country Panther Books 1959
Pepe on the Run Faber 1959 Illustrated by David Knight
The Man Who Chose Death Hammond 1959 Dust jacket 12s 6d
Canaries Also Sing Hammond 1960
Pepe Moreno and the Dilapidated Donkey Faber 1960 Illustrated by David Knight
The Story of Lorenzo the Magnificent Faber 1961 Illustrated by David Knight
The Latchkey Children OUP 1963 Illustrated by Charles Keeping
Pepe Moreno's Quixotic Adventure Faber 1963
Smitty and the Plural of Cactus Nelson 1965 Drawings by Andrew Dodds
Smitty and the Egyptian Cat Salamander Books 1966 Drawings by Andrew Dodds
Raiders from Whisky Smith Gold Lion Books 1975
Marshal from Whiskey Smith Severn House 1978

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Eric Allen Author Biography - Information About the Author
Eric Allen is a pseudonym of Eric Allen-Ballard, he is a Hubin listed crime and mystery author.
We've takne this Eric Allen bibliography way beyond the scope of Hubin and the crime fiction books and included evey book held in the British Library written by / attributed to Eric Allen-Ballard.
The crime fiction books were all published by Hammond. They are collectable and benefit from attractive dustwrapper artwork, as is usual with this publisher during this period. They are uncommon to rare.

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