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The following bibliography contains the criminous titles
We are interesting in buying pre 1940 UK firsts in dust jacket
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Earth's Great Lord Ward 1901  
The Mystery of Lady Isobel Hurst & Blackett 1907  
The Spin of the Coin Hurst & Blackett 1908  
The glittering Desire Ward 1910  
Hidden Lives Ward 1913  
Arrows of Chance Ward Lock 1917  
The Solitary House Ward 1919  
The Woman's Footprint Hodder 1919  
The Ruby Bracelet Newnes c1920 not dated, small novella booklet, priced at 2d
The Bittermeads Mystery Knopf 1922 No UK edition listed in BL under this title
Dunslow Ward 1922  
The Unexpected Legacy Benn 1929 Black cloth, orange lettering. DJ 7/6
Proof Counter Proof Benn 1931 Black/orange. Jan 31. DJ 7/6
The Cottage Murder Benn 1931 Black cloth, orange lettering. Not in ECB. Only 1933 cheap edition
Genius in Murder Benn 1932 Black cloth, orange lettering.Feb 32. DJ 7/6
Truth Came Out Benn 1932 Black cloth, orange lettering. Sept 32. DJ 7/6
Information Received Benn 1933 Black cloth, orange lettering. DJ 7/6
Death Among the Sunbathers Benn 1934 Black cloth, orange lettering. March 34. DJ 7/6
Crossword Mystery Gollancz 1934 Black cloth, orange lettering. May 34. DJ 7/6
Mystery Villa Gollancz 1934 "". Nov 34. DJ 7/6
Death of a Beauty Queen Gollancz 1935 "". May 35. DJ 7/6
Death Comes to Cambers Gollancz 1935 "". Nov 35. DJ 7/6
The Bath Mysteries Gollancz 1936 "". DJ 7/6
Mystery of Mr Jessop Gollancz 1937 "". Feb 37. DJ 7/6
The Dusky Hour Gollancz 1937 "". Sept 37. DJ 7/6
Dictator's Way Gollancz 1938 "". Feb 38. DJ 7/6
Comes a Stranger Gollancz 1938 "". Sept 38. DJ 7/6
Suspects Nine Gollancz 1939 "". May 39. DJ 7/6
Murder Abroad Gollancz 1939 "". Nov 39. DJ 7/6
Four Strange Women Gollancz 1940 ditto. DJ 7/6
Ten Star Clues Gollancz 1941 Blue cloth, blue lettering. Jan 41. DJ 7/6
The Dark Garden Gollancz 1941 Blue cloth, blue lettering. Oct 41. DJ 8/-
Diabolic Candelabra Gollancz 1942 Blue cloth, blue lettering. DJ 8/6
The Conqueror Inn Gollancz 1943 DJ 8/6
Night's Cloak Gollancz 1944 March 44. DJ 8/6
Secrets Can't be Kept Gollancz 1944 Sept 44. DJ 8/6
There's a Reason for Everything Gollancz 1945 DJ 7/6
It Might Lead Anywhere Gollancz 1946  
Helen Passes By Gollancz 1947  
The House of Godwinsson Gollancz 1948  
So Many Doors Gollancz 1949  
Everybody Always Tells Gollancz 1950  
The Secret Search Gollancz 1951  
The Golden Dagger Gollancz 1951  
The Attending Truth Gollancz 1952  
Strange Ending Gollancz 1953  
Brought to Light Gollancz 1954  
Dark is the Clue Gollancz 1955  
Triple Quest Gollancz 1955  
Six Were Present Gollancz 1956  

Robertson Halkett aka ER Punshon

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Where Every Prospect Pleases Benn 1933 Black cloth, orange lettering
Documentary Evidence Nicholson 1936  

Further Information
There are several uncollected short stories, the majority of which were published in the Evening Standard newspaper.
In all cases the English editions precede the American, many of the books were not published in the US and there are a couple of alternate titles

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