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E & MA Radford Bibliography

UK First Edition Books

The following bibliography contains the criminous titles
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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Inspector Manson's Success Melrose 1944 Feb 44. Dust wrapper priced 8/6
Murder Jigsaw Melrose 1944 Nov 44. Dustwrapper priced 8/6
Crime Pays No Dividends Melrose 1945 Dust jacket priced 8/6
Murder Isn't Cricket Melrose 1946  
It's Murder to Live Melrose 1947  
Who Killed Dick Whittington Melrose 1947  
John Kyleing Died Melrose 1949  
The Heel of Achilles Melrose 1950  
Look in at Murder Long 1956  
Death on the Broads Long 1957  
The Six Men Hale 1958  
Married to Murder Hale 1959  
Death of a Frightened Editor Hale 1959  
Death at the Chateau Noir Hale 1960  
Murder on My Conscience Hale 1960  
Death's Inheritance Hale 1961  
Death and the Professor Hale 1961  
Death Takes the Wheel Hale 1962  
From Information Received Hale 1962  
Murder of Three Ghosts Hale 1963  
A Cosy Little Murder Hale 1963  
The Hungry Killer Hale 1964  
Mask of Murder Hale 1965  
Murder Magnified Hale 1965  
Death of a Gentleman Hale 1966  
Jones's Little Murders Hale 1967  
The Middlefold Murders Hale 1967  
No Reason for Murder Hale 1967  
The Safety First Murders Hale 1968  
Trunk Call to Murder Hale 1968  
Death of an Ancient Saxon Hale 1969  
Death of a Peculiar Rabbit Hale 1969  
Two Ways to Murder Hale 1969  
Murder Speaks Hale 1970  
Murder Is Ruby Red Hale 1970  
The Greedy Killers Hale 1971  
Dead Water Hale 1971  
Death Has Two Faces Hale 1972  

Further Information
E & MA Radford, Edwin and Mona Augusta, were a husband and wife writing team, not dissimilar to the Coles and Lockridges. Their main series character was Inspector Manson. None of the books were published in the USA.

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