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The following bibliography contains BOTH non-criminous & mystery titles
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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
The Bounty Hunters Hale 1956  
The Law at Randado Hale 1957  
Escape for Five Shadows Hale 1957  
Lawless River Hale 1959 US: Last Stand at Saber River
Hombre Hale 1961  
The Big Bounce Hale 1969  
Valdez is Coming Hale 1969  
The Moonshine War Hale 1970  
Forty Lashes Less One Bantam 1972 USA edition
Mr Majestyk Dell 1974 No UK edition
Fifty-Two Pickup Secker 1974  
Swag Delacorte 1976 No UK edition
Unknown Man No 89 Secker 1977  
The Hunted Secker 1978  
The Switch Secker 1979  
Gunsights Bantam 1979 USA edition
City Primeval Allen 1981  
Gold Coast Allen 1982  
Cat Chaser Arbor 1982 USA edition
Split Images Allen 1983  
La Brava Viking 1984  
Stick Allen Allen 1984  
Glitz Viking 1985  
Bandits Viking 1987  
Touch Viking 1987  
Freaky Deaky Viking 1988  
Killshot Viking 1989  
Get Shorty Viking 1990  
Maximum Bob Viking 1991  
Rum Punch Viking 1992  
Pronto Viking 1993  
Riding the Rap Viking 1995  
Out of Sight Viking 1996  
Jackie Brown     originally Rum Punch
Cuba Libre Viking 1998  
Be Cool Viking 1999  
Pagan Babies Viking 2000  
Tishomingo Blues Viking 2002  
Mr Paradise Penguin 2004  
A Coyote's in the House Penguin 2004 Children's book
The Hot Kid Weidenfeld 2005  

Further Information
Elmore Leonard was born in New Orleans on 11th October 1925 and is one of America's most respected, and successful, writers in the crime fiction genre. A number of his books have been become hugely successful films. His series characters are Chili Palmer, Raylan Givens and Frank Ryan. Several of the novels listed above are westerns but are included for completeness.


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