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Kate Ellis

An Unhallowed Grave

Piatkus 1999
Jacket design Tony Stone

We interested in buying pre 1940 UK first editions in jacket
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Kate Ellis

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The two teenage girls stood at the churchyard gate, trying to hide the nervousness they felt. In spite of the warmth of the summer night a thin mist was blowing in from the creek, slinking and swirling around the moonlit gravestones. 'We've got to do it. It's part of the ritual. It won't work if we don't.' 'I can't see it working anyway,' Joanne - Jo to her friends -Talbot offered her friend Leanne a cigarette which was accepted with studied boredom. 'Goon, Jo. It'll be a laugh.' 'You reckon it'll work, do you? You think we'll see our true loves?' she said with heavy sarcasm. 'It's a bloody waste of good grass if you ask me.' 'Oh, go on. Me gran said it worked for her. Go on. It'll be a laugh,' Leanne pleaded. Jo looked down at the tiny plastic bag in her hand. It contained a dried leafy substance. 'Will this do?' 'It says hemp seed in the rhyme but...' 'Let's get on with it, then. I'm not hanging round in this bloody

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