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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
The Mysterious Mickey Finn;
or, Murder at the Cafe du Dome
Modern Age 1939 UK: 1952 Penguin
Hugger Mugger in the Louvre Random 1940 UK: 1949 Nicholson
The Death of Lord Haw Haw Random 1940 as Brett Rutledge
UK: 1941 Laurie
Fracas in the Foothills Random 1940  
Mayhem in B-Flat Random 1940 UK: 1951 Corgi
I'll Hate Myself in the Morning,
and Summer in December
Random 1945 UK: 1949 Watson
Murder on the Left Bank Random 1951 UK: 1951 Corgi
The Black Gardenia Random 1952  
Waylaid in Boston Random 1953  
The Black and the Red Random 1956  

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Further Information
Elliot Harold Paul, born 11 February 1891 to 7 April 1958, had one main series character who appeared in all the mystery books, except The Death of Lord Haw Haw, Homer Evans. The author also a further eight novels of a non-criminous nature, several screenplays and numerous works of non-fiction. His series character is an American who is based in Paris and the French thread runs throughout many of his books.


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