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The following bibliography contains the criminous titles
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Roman Hat Mystery Gollancz 1929 Black cloth, orange lettering. DJ priced 7/6
The French Powder Mystery Gollancz 1930 ditto
The Dutch Shoe Mystery Gollancz 1931 ditto
The Greek Coffin Mystery Gollancz 1932 ditto
The Egyptian Cross Mystery Gollancz 1933 ditto
The American Gun Mystery Gollancz 1933 ditto
The Siamese Twin Mystery Gollancz 1934 ditto
The Chinese Orange Mystery Gollancz 1934 ditto. 7/6 not listed in ECB, only the 2/6 cheap edition
The Spanish Cape Mystery Gollancz 1935 ditto. Dust jacket priced at 7/6
The Adventures of Ellery Queen Gollancz 1935 Black cloth, orange lettering
Halfway House Gollancz 1936 ditto
The Door Between Gollancz 1937 ditto
The Devil to Pay Gollancz 1938 ditto
The Four of Hearts Gollancz 1939 ditto
The Dragon's Teeth Gollancz 1939 ditto
The New Adventures of Ellery Queen Gollancz 1940 ditto
Calamity Town Gollancz 1942 UK precedes US, blue cloth blue lettering. DJ 8/-
There Was an Old Woman Gollancz 1944 Dustwrapper priced at 8/6
The Murderer is a Fox Gollancz 1945 Dustwrapper priced at 7/6
Ten Days' Wonder Gollancz 1948 Blue cloth, gilt lettering
Cat of Many Tails Gollancz 1949 Red cloth, black lettering
Double Double Gollancz 1950 Red cloth, black lettering
The Origin of Evil Gollancz 1951 Red cloth, black lettering
The King is Dead Gollancz 1952  
Calendar of Crime Gollancz 1952  
The Scarlet Letters Gollancz 1953  
The Glass Village Gollancz 1954  
QBI Queen's Bureau of Investigation Gollancz 1955  
Inspector Queen's Own Case Gollancz 1956  
The Finishing Stroke Gollancz 1958  
The Player on the Other Side Gollancz 1963  
And on the Eighth Day Gollancz 1964  
The fourth Side of the Triangle Gollancz 1965  
Queens Full Gollancz 1966  
Sherlock Holmes Versus Jack the Ripper Gollancz 1967  
Face to Face Gollancz 1967  
The House of Brass Gollancz 1968  
Cop Out World Gollancz 1969  
QED Gollancz 1969  
The Last Woman in his Life Gollancz 1970  
A Fine and Private Place Gollancz 1971  

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Further Information
Ellery Queen was a collaboration between two authors Manfred Lee and Frederic Dannay, from 1963 onwards Dannay continued with a series of ghost writers. Apart from one title US editions precede the UK. There are also some uncollected short stories published in their Mystery Magazine

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