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Elizabeth Daly

Night Walk

Hammond 1950

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Everybody in Frazier's Mills knew everybody else. The inhabitants of that self-contained little community had lived there for years, and most of them were descendants of the original wealthy settlers who had built the town for their own pleasure. When, therefore, old Mr. Carrington was found dead in bed with his skull crushed, it was, of course, automatically assumed that a stranger had killed him. The murderer had reckoned on just such an attitude, but he had reckoned without Henry Gamadge. For Gamadge had an uncanny knack of making people give away their inmost secrets, and he believed almost from the start that the murderer lived in Frazier's Mills. Night Walk is everything that the name Elizabeth Daly has come to stand for in mystery stories. It is suave; it is smooth; it has a wry humour; and above all, it is a novel of real people acting in character, in real circumstances, however exciting and tragic.

Elizabeth Daly

Classic Crime Fiction

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