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Elizabeth Daly

The House Without the Door

Hammond 1945

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Henry Gamadge, expert on inks, types and old manuscripts, and occasionally detective by request or necessity, has come to occupy a very high place among the company of fictional investigators of murder. Each of his three previous cases has made this casual, civilized and intelligent man a friend to a greater number of readers. At the close of his last case he became a benedict, and discovered that marriage suited him admirably both personally and professionally. To date, his wife Clara has not been heard to express any doubts as to the wisdom of her choice. All of which has more to do than you might suspect with the solution of Henry Gamadge's present problem. If it had not been for Clara's courageous and brilliant help there are grave doubts if the mystery of the Gregson murders would ever have been solved. It was not an easy problem that Gamadge had put before him, so much of it was buried in the past, so much of the vital information had presumably been lost for ever in the fiasco of the previous Gregson trial. How, for instance, could he discover what kind of a label a bottle of poison had had on it so many years ago ? If Cecilia Warren, Mrs. Gregson's lovely cousin, were lying, how could Gamadge be sure that she really was in the habit of leaving her own room in summer to sleep downstairs ? These are just two of the difficult and at times extremely dangerous problems that Gamadge, with the assistance of Clara and the unbelievable Harold, had to answer.

Elizabeth Daly

Classic Crime Fiction

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