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Elizabeth Salter Series Character: Inspector Michael Hornsley

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Death in a Mist Geoffrey Bles 1957 Dust jacket priced at 11s 6d
US: Ace 1968. Set in New Zealand
Will to Survive Geoffrey Bles 1958 US: Ace 1968. Set in Australia
There was a Witness Geoffrey Bles 1960 US: Ace 1963. Based in Australia
The Voice of the Peacock Geoffrey Bles 1962
Chaucer's Knight's Tale and Clerk's Tale Edward Arnold 1962 Not in Hubin
Piers Plowman: an introduction Harvard University Press 1962 Not in Hubin
Once Upon a Tombstone Hutchinson 1965 US: Ace 1967
The Last Years of a Rebel Bodley Head 1967 A memoir of Edith Sitwell
Medieval Poetry and the Figural View of Reality Oxford University Press 1968
Daisy Bates Angus Robertson 1972 The great white queen of the never never'
Landscapes and Seasons of the Medieval World Elek 1973 Derek Pearsall and Elizabeth Salter
Nicholas Love's Myrrour of the blessed lyf of Jesu Christ Salzburg 1974 A translation
Fire of the Mind: an anthology / Michael Joseph 1976

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Elizabeth Salter Author Biography - Information About the Author
Elizabeth Fulton Salter was born in 1925 and died in 1980.
Every book in the bibliography above after Once Upon a Tombstone is non-fiction, the others listed by Hubin should be crime and mystery fiction.
We've gone beyond crime fiction so as to provide a complete list in order of Elizabeth Salter's books

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