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Elizabeth Fenwick - E.P. Fenwick Bibliography

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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Inconvenient Corpse Farrar & Rinehart 1943 As E.P. Fenwick
Murder in Haste Farrar & Rinehart 1944 As E.P. Fenwick. An Academic Mystery
Two Names for Death Farrar & Rinehart 1945 As E.P. Fenwick
The Long Wing Rinehart & Co 1947 Not Crime Fiction, not in Hubin
Afterwards Rinehart & Co 1950 Not Crime Fiction, not in Hubin
Days of Plenty Harcourt Brace 1956 Not Crime Fiction, not in Hubin
Poor Harriet Harper & Brothers 1957 UK: Gollancz 1958
A Long Way Down Harper & Brothers 1959 UK: Gollancz 1959
A Friend of Mary Rose Harper & Brothers 1961 UK: Gollancz 1962
A Night Run Gollancz 1961
The Silent Cousin Gollancz 1962 US: Atheneum 1966
The Make Believe Man Harper & Brothers 1963 UK: Gollancz 1964
Disturbance on Berry Hill Atheneum 1968 UK: Gollancz 1968
Goodbye Aunt Elva Atheneum 1968 UK: Gollancz 1969
Impeccable People Gollancz 1971
The Last of Lysandra Gollancz 1973

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Elizabeth Fenwick Author Biography - Information About the Author
Elizabeth Fenwick Way was born in 1920 and died in 1996, she also used the byline E.P. Fenwick.
This author's list of books is unusual as it sees so many switches in precedence, there's usually a uniformity, of sorts, between British and American publications.
The UK Gollancz titles are hamstrung by the incredibly dull "yellow jackets" which acts, although it shouldn't really, on collectability and value.
The books are generally available, online at least, and reasonably priced.
For the sake of completion we've noted the non-mystery novels, none of these books have an English edition according to the British Library.

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