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Series Character: Emma Marsh

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Murder is a Collector's Item Doubleday 1939 UK: 1939 Cassell
Set in Boston
Murder is a Serious Business Doubleday 1940 English Edition: 1943 Gerald Swan
Blue cloth, black lettering
Murder a Mile High Doubleday 1944 British  Edition: 1948 Boardman
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Dust Jacket Artist Eric Fraser

Further Information
Born in the USA in 1901, she passed away in 1985 at the age of 84. She only wrote three mystery books but they are well regarded. Much of the popularity lies in the setting, that is to say the world of antiques. The author herself actually worked in an antiques store and clearly draws heavily on the experience. First-hand knowledge is always a bonus when it comes to background settings and the realism created is not usually missed by the reader.
The American editions were all on the Crime Club imprint and are more common than their UK counterparts. I believe the titles are still in print today which is a testimony to the author who is deserving of wider recognition.
First editions in original dust jackets are rare especially so Murder is a Collector's Item.

Series Characters
Emma Marsh, Hank Fairbanks and Jeff Graham. They work in the antiques trade and much of the dialogue centres around their shop. Prose and general banter being well above average for the genre.


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