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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Miasma Dutton 1929  
Dark Power Vanguard Press 1930  
The Death Wish Dodd Mead 1934 UK: 1935 Nicholson. DW 7/6
The Unfinished Crime Dodd Mead 1935 UK: 1936 Newnes. DW 7/6
The Strange Crime in Bermuda Dodd Mead 1937 UK: 1938 John Lane. DW 7/6
The Obstinate Murderer Dodd Mead 1938 UK: 1939 John Lane. DW 7/6
As No Harm Intended
The Girl Who Had to Die Dodd Mead 1940  
Who's Afraid? Duell 1940 also as Trial by Murder
Speak of the Devil Duell 1941 also as Hostess to Murder
Killjoy Duell 1942 also as as Murder Is a Kill-Joy
Lady Killer Ditto 1942  
The Old Battle Ax Schuster 1943  
Net of Cobwebs Simon 1945 UK: 1952 Corgi
The Innocent Mrs Duff Schuster 1946  
The Blank Wall Simon 1947  
Too Many Bottles Schuster 1951 UK: 1953 Muller
The Virgin Huntress Simon 1951  
Widow's Mile Schuster 1953 UK: 1954 Muller

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Further Information
Elisabeth Sanxay Holding, American born, 8 June 1889 to 1955 had one main series character, Lieutenant Levy. She also wrote some fourteen uncollected short stories which appeared in magazines such as Ellery Queen's and Alfred Hitchcock.

There are also the following books but these are not mystery titles
Invincible Minnie 1920.
Rosaleen among the Artists 1921.
Angelica 1921.
The Unlit Lamp 1922.
The Shoals of Honor 1926.
The Silk Purse 1928.
Miss Kelly 1947..


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