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This bibliography contains Elaine Hamilton's criminous titles
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Title Published By Date Issue Points - Notes
Some Unknown Hand Stanley Paul 1930 US: The Westminster Mystery
1931 Century
Murder in the Fog Stanley Paul 1931  
The Chelsea Mystery Stanley Paul 1932  
The Green Death Stanley Paul 1932  
The Silent Bell Stanley Paul 1933  
Peril at Midnight Ward Lock 1934  
Tragedy in the Dark Ward Lock 1935 Red cloth black lettering
Dust jacket by Abbey
The Casino Mystery Ward Lock 1936 Dust jacket priced 7/6. Artwork by Abbey
Murder Before Tuesday Ward Lock 1937  

Dust jacket artwork by Abbey

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Further Information
Elaine Hamilton had one main series character, Inspector Reynolds, who appeared in all the book apart from The Silent Bell I believe. Unfortunately I've been able to find out little else about this author, if you know anything please do let us know as we should like to preserve the information for posterity.

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INSPECTOR REYNOLDS laid down his pen and frowned at the door of his office at the Yard opened. "What is it, Jenkins?" he asked with a touch of irritation. "You know I have an urgent report to finish before noon." Detective Sergeant Jenkins looked worried. He regarded the Inspector's wish as his law, but this morning circumstances seemed to warrant the interruption. At least, he hoped so. "A man wants to see you on a matter of life and death, sir." The Inspector smiled. "They all say that. Who is he?" "He won't give his name, address or business to anyone but you. He's well-dressed, apparently well-educated, about thirty-eight years of age, and might be called good-looking if he weren't so white and jumpy. The constable on duty says the man has waited more than an hour although he was told that you would Dot see him unless he filled in the form."



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