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Eileen Wilmot Bibliography

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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Charity Hope Travel & Sports Press 1935
A Mutinous Rebel Mellifont Press 1937
Love in the Tropics Fiction House 1946
Fingers of Fate Grafton Publications 1946
Poison for One Fiction House 1947
Voodoo Drums Fiction House 1947
Love in Peril Fiction House 1947
Love and Lissa Fiction House 1948
The Gay Adventure Grafton Publications 1948 Exciting Romances. no. 7
Superb confessions. No. 2 ? 1949
Love Comes to Stay Fiction House 1949
Homicide at Soxondale Progressive 1949 In Hubin. Not listed by any major library
Not a Nice Murder! Brown Watson 1949
Love's Tangled Melody Shenstone Press 1950
No Escape from Love Shenstone Press 1950
Adventurous Heart Modern Publishing Co 1951 Reprinted Brown, Watson, 1965
Murder Will J Coker 1951
The Past Returns Wright & Brown 1955
Three Men in Lee's Life Wright & Brown 1956
The Taming of Jeta Wright & Brown 1956
The Man Without a Past Wright & Brown 1956
The Lurking Terror Mellifont 1956
Love is a Bandit Wright & Brown 1957
The Right Man for Lissa Wright & Brown 1957
Dangerous Search Wright & Brown 1958
Dear Stranger Wright & Brown 1958
The Youthful Heart Wright & Brown 1958
Holiday with Danger Wright & Brown 1959
The Lonely Road Wright & Brown 1959
Tangled Trees Brown Watson 1966

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Eileen Wilmot Author Biography - Information About the Author
Eileen Wilmot is a mysterious author, can you help with details of "her" life?
The British Library has no birth date for this author, I wonder whether it's a pseudonym?
Listed in Hubin but only nine books, we've included all the titles listed at Oxford and in the British Library.
Some of these a pulp type paperback originals.
Whilst some are crime and mystery fiction some of the books listed above are clearly in the romance genre.

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