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Edwin Thomas Woodhall Bibliography

UK First Edition Books in Order

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Edwin T Woodhall Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Detective & Secret Service Days Jarrolds 1929
Spies of the Great War John Long 1932 Adventures with the Allied secred service
Book reprinted Mellifont Press, [1935]
Guardians of the Great Blandford Press 1934
Guardians of the Great Blandford Press 1934
Crime and the Supernatural John Long 1935
Secrets of Scotland Yard John Long 1936 As: Edwin T. Woodhall
Jack Sheppard Mellifont Press 1936
Jonathan Wild Mellifont Press 1937 Old-time "ace" receiver
Jack the Ripper Mellifont Press 1937 Or, When London walked in terror
Claude Duval Mellifont Press 1937 Gentleman Highwayman and Knight of the Road
Eleven Men Died Mellifont Press 1937 Being Craig Baxter's first case
Colonel Blood, Adventurer and Outlaw Mellifont Press 1938
The Kelly Gang Mellifont Press 1938
Captain Kidd, Old Time Pirate Mellifont Press 1938
The Kidnap Murders Mellifont Press 1939
The Roaring Speedway Mellifont Press 1939
Silver Streak Mellifont Press 1939
The Atlantic Murders Mellifont Press 1939
The Skating Ace Mellifont Press 1939
Nazi Speedway Plot Mellifont Press 1940
The Mystery Flyer Mellifont Press 1940 A story of the North West Indian Frontier
The Phantom Speed Ace Mellifont Press 1940
The Greyhound Stadium Plot Mellifont Press 1940
Colonel Blood Mellifont Press 1948

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Edwin Thomas Woodhall Author Biography - Information About the Author
Edwin Thomas Woodhall, also wrote as Edwin T. Woodhall, is a Hubin listed author who was born in 1886.
This bibliography includes all the books by Edwin Thomas Woodhall held by the British Library not just those included in Hubin so it should be a complete list of books in order.
The author's books are keenly sought after by collectors, the Jack the Ripper book especially, and they are rare in dust jacket.
Some of the earlier books were reprinted and may appear to be first editions so check this bibliography to be sure.

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