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Edwin Leather Series Character: Rupert Conway

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Combat Without Weapons Aldershot 1942
Speeches by Mr. Leather Spottiswoode 1950 on Atlantic Union in The House of Commons 1950
Commonwealth, Federation, and Atlantic Union Federal Union 1953
The Vienna Elephant Macmillan 1978 US: Dodd Mead 1977
The Mozart Score Macmillan 1979 US: Doubleday 1979
Features Rupert Conway art dealer
The Duveen Letter Macmillan 1980 Dust Jacket artwork by Chris Moore
US: Crime Club Doubleday 1980
Large print Chivers Press, 1982
East Germany and the KGB

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Edwin Leather Author Biography - Information About the Author
Edwin Leather, Sir Edwin Hartley Cameron "Ted" Leather KCMG KCVO born 1919 and died 2005 is a Hubin listed author.
There's plenty of information online about this remarkable man, we'll concern ourselves here with his literary works.
We've included all the books held in the British Library under than name Edwin Leather, not just the crime fiction, the non-fiction is under the author's full name.
The last three books are the Hubin listed crime and mystery books, all feature Leather's main series character , an art dealer called Rupert Conway.
The British and American hardback first editions are rreadily available online and very modestly priced, they benefit from attractive dustwrappers too.

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