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Edward Wilson Series Characters:
Kit Fournier - William Catesby - Henry Bone

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
A River in May Arcadia 2002 A paperback original
The Envoy Arcadia 2008 First is softcover
The Darkling Spy Arcadia 2010 No hardback
The Midnight Swimmer Arcadia 2011 No hardcover edition
The Whitehall Mandarin Arcadia 2014 Hardback first edition
A Very British Ending Arcadia 2015 Hardback first edition
South Atlantic Requiem Arcadia 2018 Hardback first edition

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Edward Wilson Biography - Information About the Author
When Edward Wilson wrote The Envoy he wrote one of, if not the, finest debut spy / espionage novels ever written!
His style is the roman a clef which whilst nothing new was particularly popular at the time, especially amongst well-established novelists who seemed to be running out of ideas.
Wilson carried it off well however with Kit Fournier being a stunningly crafted character along with the highly creditable Catesby and Bone.
The way the author interwove characters in subsequent books was a joy and in our opinion Edward Wilson is the most underrated author in the spy / espionage genre.
That being said, and being brutally honest, the last couple of novels were a disappointment (I've read all his books at least twice). Granted Wislon had set his own bar highly but the balance between weaving fact and fiction together is a delicate one and latterly the non-fiction drowned out the fiction and characters to the point they were almost history books.
All that being as it may no lover of spy fiction can possibly be without at least the first three books!

Collectors will be a little disappointed by the lack of hardback publications initially, paperback originals, whilst still first edition books, are always second-rate.
None of the books are expensive so a full set is not only possible but highly recommended


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