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Edgar Jepson Bibliography

UK First Edition Books in Order

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Edgar Jepson Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Sibyl Falcon Tower Publishing 1895
The Passion for Romance H. Henry 1896
The Keepers of the People Arthur Pearson 1898
On the Edge of the Empire Heinemann 1899
The Sentimental Warrior Grant Richards, 1902
The Dictator's Daughter Cassell 1902
The Admirable Tinker Eveleigh Nash 1904 A child of the world
The Horned Shepherd Sons of the Vine 1904
Lady Noggs, Peeress T. Fisher Unwin 1906 Illustrations by Lewis Baumer
The Triumph of Tinker Hodder and Stoughton 1906
The Four Philanthropists T. Fisher Unwin 1907
Tangled Wedlock Hutchinson 1908
Lady Noggs Intervenes Hutchinson 1908
Arsene Lupin : from the play Mills & Boon 1909 Edgar Jepson and Maurice Leblanc
The Mystery of the Myrtles Hutchinson 1909
No. 19 Mills & Boon 1910 US title: The Garden at 19,
Lord Lisdor Greening 1910 Frontispiece by H.M. Brock
The Girl's Head A Novel by Edgar Jepson Greening 1910 Reprinted as: Tracked by the Ogpu
Pollyooly Mills & Boon 1911
Captain Sentimental : and other stories Mills & Boon 1911
The House on the Mall Hutchinson 1912
The Man with the Black Feather Hurst and Blackett 1912 by Gaston Leroux translated by Edgar Jepson
The Determined Twins Hutchinson 1913 US book: The terrible twins
Garthoyle Gardens : a novel Hutchinson 1913 US book title: Alice Devine
The Intervening Lady Bobbs-Merrill 1914 No book UK found
James Whitaker's Dukedom Hutchinson 1914
The Second Pollyooly Book Hutchinson 1914
The Gillingham Rubies Hutchinson 1915
The Man who Came Back Hutchinson 1915
The Night Hawk Hutchinson 1916
Esther Lawes Hutchinson 1916
The Professional Prince Hutchinson 1917
Ann Annington Bobbs-Merrill 1918 UK book title ?
L. 2002 Hutchinson 1918
The Loudwater Mystery Odhams 1919
The Woman on the Trail Odhams 1919 By Tristan Bernard, trans' Edgar Jepson
Polyooly Dances Odhams 1920
A Prince in Petrograd Odhams 1921
The Religion of the Life Force Jonathan Cape 1922 As R. Edison Page
The Whiskered Footman Herbert Jenkins 1922
Dorothy the Rope Dancer Hurst & Blackett 1923 By Maurice Leblanc, trans' Edgar Jepson
Smith, V.C., Gentleman Rider Herbert Jenkins 1923
The Smuggled Masterpiece Herbert Jenkins 1923
The Lady Noggs Assists Herbert Jenkins 1924
The Backsliders Herbert Jenkins 1925
The Candlestick with Seven Branches Herbert Jenkins 1925 Tr. from the French by Edgar Jepson
Sunken Gold Harrap 1925 Andre Savignon, trans' by Edgar Jepson
The Buried Rubies Herbert Jenkins 1925
Peter Intervenes Herbert Jenkins 1926
The Tragedies of Mr. Pip Herbert Jenkins 1926
Miss Timmins and Lord Scredington Herbert Jenkins 1927
The Splendid Adventure of Hannibal Tod Herbert Jenkins 1927
Man, Woman and Sin Readers Library 1928
The Man with the Amber Eyes Herbert Jenkins 1928 With Hugh Clevely
The Cuirass of Diamonds Herbert Jenkins 1928
The Murder in Romney marsh Herbert Jenkins 1929
The Moon Gods, by Edgar Jepson Herbert Jenkins 1930
Gentle Binns Herbert Jenkins 1931
A Hundred Thousand Guineas Herbert Jenkins 1931
Miss Amagee in Africa Jarrolds 1932 By Margaret Jepson and Edgar Jepson
Sarah and the Silver Screen Herbert Jenkins 1932 Dust jacket priced at 7/6
Memories of a Victorian Vol I Gollancz 1933
The Secret Square Herbert Jenkins 1933
The Sweepstake Winner Jarrolds 1933 Hubin calls for HJ
The Grinning Avenger Herbert Jenkins 1934
An Obstinate Girl Herbert Jenkins 1934
The Dangerous Twins Herbert Jenkins 1935
An Accidental Don Juan Herbert Jenkins 1935
Kitty Brown's Princes Herbert Jenkins 1936
The Knight Errant Herbert Jenkins 1936
Lucy and the Dark Gods Herbert Jenkins 1936
Barradine Detects Herbert Jenkins 1937
The Theft of the Crown Jewels Herbert Jenkins 1937
Memories of an Edwardian and Neo-Georgian Grant Richards 1937
The Pocket Hercules Herbert Jenkins 1938
The Murder of Augustin Dench Herbert Jenkins 1938
The Four Green Fish Herbert Jenkins 1939

Dust Jacket Artist: C. Leslie

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Edgar Jepson Author Biography - Information About the Author
Edgar Jepson, Edgar Alfred Jepson born 1863 and died 1938, is a prolific and Hubin listed author.
In order to have a complete list of books in order we've included all the books by Edgar Jepson held in the British Library and the Bodleian in Oxford, not just the crime and mystery books, we've also included books translated from the French in this Edgar Jepson bibliography.
He's always been an author whose books are keenly sought by collectors of crime fiction but they're far from common in dust jacket.
Book collectors should be aware of dust jackets priced 2/6 and 3/6 - these are usually later issue, firsts tending to be 7/6, the books themselves are exactly the same as the first, same text blocks in fact.

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