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ECR Lorac

Shroud of Darkness

Collins Crime Club 1954

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THE fog-bound train from Exeter crawled slowly towards Paddington. Sarah Dillon had made friends with the attractive boy who shared a compartment with herself and the formidable "writing " lady in the corner. The train made an unscheduled stop at Reading, due to the thick " London Particular " which had spread out far to the West; there the compartment was invaded by two more men, one a prosperous business man, the other an obvious spiv. The boy Sarah had befriended seemed to become rattled and withdrawn after Reading. Had he something to fear from the newcomers to their compartment? Sarah could not guess, nor did she attach much significance to the boy's words when the train reached Paddington; when he seemed suddenly to recognise one of his fellow-passengers. Minutes later the boy had his head bashed in while still in the station. His pockets had been emptied to hide his identity, and his assailant had vanished in the swirling fog. From such slender information Chief Inspector MacDonald had to work. Other crimes followed, and his enquiries took him to Devon and to a pub of doubtful reputation in North London. He got his man at last in an exciting and surprising climax on board a Channel steamer. This story will grip you throughout and have you guessing to the end.

ECR Lorac

Classic Crime Fiction

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