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ECR Lorac

Policemen in the Precint

Collins Crime Club 1949

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LIFE in the north-midland town of Paulborough was dominated by its ancient Norman Abbey. It was a godly town on the surface, with its Abbey hierarchy, its aristocracy of old residents, its traditions of high-mindedness and Christian obligation. But underneath all that simmered a seething brew of gossip and innuendo, suspicion and hatred. The worst scandalmonger of them all was Mrs. Mayden, known locally as "the malicious Mayden," who slandered everyone from the Dean to her best friend. Unfortunately, as somebody remarked, she hit " at least ten per cent of her nails on the head," and when she dies suddenly, and curiously, and Scotland Yard says it's murder, it is Chief Inspector Macdonald's task to find out if one of that ten per cent killed her to prevent a secret from being divulged. E. C. R. Lorac, accomplished writer of detective novels, has never written a more ingenious story than Policemen in the Precinct.

ECR Lorac


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