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ECR Lorac

The Theft of Iron Dogs

Collins Crime Club 1946

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GILES HOGGETT viewed the flooding of his native Lancashire dales that September morning with secret pleasure. With the rain coming down in sheets he had a good excuse for abandoning farming for fishing. He had to give some reason to his wife for braving the weather when farming was impossible, so he said he was going to take a look at their summer cottage, and because, although an angler, hs was a truthful man; he did so before even glimpsing the river. There he made a discovery that temporarily made him forget all else—he noticed two iron dogs were missing from the fireplace, as well as a complete reel of salmon line, a strong chain and hook, a clothes line and a large sack ... a significant haul if one imagined someone wanting to sink a heavy article safe and deep in the waters of the Lune. E. C. R. Lorac has again selected as background to a fascinating mystery the beautiful fell country of Lunesdale in Lancashire.

ECR Lorac

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