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ECR Lorac

Dangerous Domicile

Collins Crime Club 1957
Jacket artwork by William Randell

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KEITH MERRIL was positively discouraging about the flat Giles Grantham and his three young friends had just rented in " North House", in Northern London. Its landlady, Madame Chevreuse, was sinister and formidable; Keith said, " The whole set-up sounds unpleasant to me ". But it was an intriguing set-up all the same, presided over by " La Chevreuse ", whose real name, from her fourth marriage, was Mrs. Smith. Giles and his friends thought they were lucky in getting cheap and unusual accomodation—until they found a corpse on the premises . . . There was no doubt whose corpse it should have been, yet Superintendent MacDonald of the G.I.D. was faced with a mass of conflicting evidence and lies. For once it looked as though the police had encountered a criminal with the brains to match theirs. It took another outbreak of violence, a second crime, to resolve the mysterious business at North House. ECR Lorac has again written an entertaining and masterly detective story. A complex plot, peopled with such imposing characters as Madame Chevreuse, leads to an ingenious problem and an exciting climax.

ECR Lorac

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