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ECR Lorac

Crook O Lune

Collins Crime Club 1954

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THE beautiful Lancashire fell country which has been the background of previous E. C. R. Lorac novels such as The Theft of the Iron Dogs and Still Waters is the setting, too, of this new detective story. Robert Macdonald (Chief Inspector Mac-donald when on duty at Scotland Yard) is staying with his friends Kate and Giles Hoggett in Lunesdale, looking for a farm where he can settle down jf and when he retires. There have been some cases of sttoep-stealing reported locally and Macdonald readily agrees to make a few ex officio inquiries. He is called on in his official capacity, however, when the even more serious crimes of arson, manslaughter and attempted murder follow. Whether or no these are connected with the sheep-stealing is but one of Macdonald's many and knotty problems in this absorbing murder story.

ECR Lorac


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