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Earl Derr Biggers - Crime Fiction Books - series character Charlie Chan

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Seven Keys to Baldpate Mills & Boon 1914  
The House Without a Key George Harrap 1926  
The Chinese Parrot Harrap 1927  
Behind that Curtain Harrap 1928  
The Black Camel Cassell 1930 Brown / black. Dust jacket 7/6
Charlie Chan Carries On Cassell 1931  
Keeper of the Keys Cassell 1932  

Earl derr Biggers 7 Keys to Baldpate
1926 Harrap Reissue, Dust Jacket Artist: RCW

The author was born in 1884 and died 1933. His books spawned movie adaptations and were hugely popular in their day. They are still highly sought after by collectors of crime and mystery fiction books


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