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Duke Linton Bibliography

UK First Edition Books in Order

Duke Linton Gangster Pulp Fiction:

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Duke Linton Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Enough Rope Scion 1950 Cover artwork by Gomez
Crazy to Kill Scion 1950 Cover artist by Ferrari
Bury Me Deep Scion 1950
Five Days to Die ! Scion 1950 Cover artist by Gomez
Too Late for Death Scion 1950 Cover artwork by Ferrari
Kill and Desire Scion 1950 Reprinted by Gryphon in America in 1997!!
Shrouds are Cheap 1950
Lips of Death 1950
Dames Die Too ! Scion 1950
Lend Me a Rod ! 1951
Big Time Racketeer By Duke Linton 1951
The Dark Brings Death Scion 1951
Too Many Yesterdays 1951
Call Me Al ! By Duke Linton 1952
Give Me the Low-Down 1952
What Do I Care ? By Duke Linton Scion 1952
Keep Moving, Bud 1952
How Dead Can You Be ? 1952
They've Got Me Again ! 1952
Who's Sorry Now ? 1953
Poison 1953
Sinner Scion 1953
So Sweet So Dead Scion 1953 Not listed in any holding library
Hold Everything 1953
Daughter of the sidewalk 1953
Killer Bait Scion 1953
Strip-Tease Angel Scion 1953
Deadline 1953
Give Me the Low-Down 1953
Was She Poison ? Scion 1953
Hangman's Harvest 1954

Cover Artist: Ferrari

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Duke Linton Author Biography - Information About the Author
Duke Linton was a publisher's house name used by: P. Dubrez Fawcett - Herbert Victor Lowe - Victor John Hanson and Gray Usher according to a 1953 Catalog of Copyright Entries.
This list of books in order has been compiled using all the national reference libraries, we've also found some titles not held by any UK copyright library so this is a comprehensive bibliography, if you do know of any books by Duke Linton not listed here then please do email us the details.
The publisher is only noted when we know for sure who it is, you can fairly safely assume that it's Scion throughout though.
The books are very rare and collectable, great cover artwork makes them particularly sought after by book collectors in th epulp gangster genre.

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