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Douglas Rutherford

Telling of Murder

Faber 1952

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The Free Territory of Trieste with its British-American military administration, its undercurrents of international intrigue, its surface veneer of glamorous women and suave adventurers is the background for this partly factual story. Here will be found some explanation for the disappearance of high-ranking scientists, agents and diplomats. Who is behind the repeated attempts to kill Osborne Vandervell, wealthy London shipowner? .More important still, what has he discovered that makes his death a first priority for an international gang trading in human lives? Only in Trieste can the answer for this riddle be found, and the first task of special investigator Paddy Regan is to foil Vandervell's murderers in a breakneck race against death across Europe. Sinister developments await Vandervell, Regan and Diana, the former's attractive secretary, at the end of the chase. . . .

Douglas Rutherford

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