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'Last year 46,371 cars were unlawfully taken and driven away in the Metropolitan Police area alone. That represents, on an average, one car theft for every ten minutes of the day.' Linda Campbell was a little too observant for her own good. When a car was stolen from outside the house where she lived, she saw enough to be able to identify the thieves. But the car theft was only the prelude to a much more daring crime. This is the story of that crime, its preparation, its execution and its unpredictable consequences. It is also a brilliant analysis of the effects of tension upon the three main characters— Crispin, the ex-RAF pilot, embittered with society, who believes he has planned the perfect robbery; Jerry, the young accomplice whom Crispin thinks he can mould to his own purposes; and Linda, ihe girl who must be disposed of because she has seen too much. But Linda is no ordinary girl, and it is her effect, different and dangerous, upon each of the two men that precipitates the tragic conclusion. Douglas Rutherford is already well known for his novels with motor-racing and Mediterranean backgrounds. Here for the first time his story is set in England, and in it he achieves a degree of subtlety which, combined with the suspense of a planned crime going wrong, makes this his best novel yet. This is a suspense-packed story with finely-drawn characters, a credible predicament and a totally unexpected ending.

Douglas Rutherford

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