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Douglas Rutherford

A Shriek of Tyres

Collins Crime Club 1958
Jacket artwork by Chalmers

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" The first four cars reached. 100 m.p.h. in eight seconds. At the first bend Dan saw a wedge of projectiles leaping towards him, got a confused impression of storming engines, squealing rubber, a kaleidoscope of green, red, silver and blue and then they were past him." Gerry Clinton, in the front rank of racing drivers, and signed to drive with the Romealfa works team, found himself racing under a sinister handicap. Anonymous letters were delivered to him in curious ways— written and timed to undermine his confidence and nerve. The notorious and appalling crash during the Grand Prix d'Europe left him to face a grotesque official enquiry—and his most vital evidence had disappeared. At Silverstone, Le Mans, Monaco and during the Mille Miglia the story unfolds at racing speed. Readers of THE CHEQUERED FLAG will know that Douglas Rutherford's knowledge and experience of motor racing is first hand and authentic. GRAND PRIX MURDER showed how effectively he is able to use this knowledge as a background to his Crime Club books. A SHRIEK OF TYRES will be welcomed as a vivid and exciting addition to his work.

Douglas Rutherford

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