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Return Load

Collins Crime Club 1977

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When Bob Chester set out for the toe of Italy with Sally and Josie in the sleeper cab of his 30-ton lorry it seemed like a family excursion. But Cardona and his associates needed just such a lorry. They also needed its crew. And there was one sure way of getting Bob and Sally's co-operation for a return load, as it was called. If the life of your only child Is at stake, how far will you go ? What hardships and exhaustions will you suffer ? What degradations will you accept? And when, compared with that one life, nothing else in the world matters, is there anyone you can count as your friend ? Bob and Sally learnt the answers to these questions on the next 2000 miles. The background Douglas Rutherford has chosen for his latest story is the world of the transcontinental lorries, the juggernauts bearing the TIR sign and the warning Long Vehicle. The action thunders along the great motoring highways of Europe, across frontiers, the searchlight headlamps turning night into day. This is a tense and human drama of a man and a woman in the cab of a longdistance lorry whose only thought is to meet the desperate deadline that will keep their child alive.

Douglas Rutherford

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