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Douglas Rutherford

The Perilous Sky

Collins Crime Club 1956
Jacket artwork by Chalmers

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Two disasters involving the latest type of air liners had jeopardised the future of British Skylines. Within a few hours of his appointment as a roving Security Officer, Barney Finnegan was plunging towards the Mediterranean from 15,000 feet in a burning machine. From that moment on he is whirled into a kaleidoscopic sequence of dangers that switches from the Balearic Islands to the Sahara and back to Algiers. The peril is the more real because the story is set against the authentic background of airline operations and because Barney's growing admiration for Simone, the air hostess, makes him realise that for him more is at stake than the twenty million pound air fleet. The world of commercial flying is here portrayed as vividly as was the business of motor racing in Douglas Rutherford's Grand Prix Murder,

Douglas Rutherford

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