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Douglas Rutherford

The Long Echo

Collins Crime Club 1957

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IN THIS book Douglas Rutherford ventures into an older world than the one he has described in contemporary thrillers such as Grand Prix Murder. In Torrealto, a mountain town in Northen Italy, violence was brewing, born of old feuds, long memories, a savage history and a fierce climate, Andrew Carson believed that it was his destiny to make amends for a wrong done four hundred years earlier, when a beautiful girl had committed suicide after being forsaken by her lover. He felt a strange affinity for this girl as she was portrayed on the central panel of an ancient tryptich. Yet Andrew's every action only precipitated disaster. A brutal murder was committed—a murder for which Andrew himself had a demonstrable motive. Douglas Rutherford's new novel tells a moving story of love against the brooding atmosphere of Torrealto; and of a crime to which the mountains themselves seemed secret accomplices. From its haunting start till the exciting climax the reader will be gripped by this strange and compelling story.

Douglas Rutherford

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