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Grand Prix Murder

Collins Crime Club 1955

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HERE is the authentic atmosphere of Continental motor-racing, its danger and romance, its heart-stopping thrills and fabulous spectacle. From the opening, when young Martin Templer is about to drive for the first time in a Continental race—the Mondano Grand Prix—until the sensational climax at the end of the Allure Grand Prix the reader will be gripped by this story. Martin himself, his co-drivers, the other members of the Dayton team and the two young women who accompany it are put in a terrible position: to the ordinary hazards of Grand Prix racing is added the tension of knowing that a murderer is in their midst, waiting to strike and strike again. Douglas Rutherford's new novel moves with the speed of the swift machines that play so big a part in it. The murderer is unveiled and the final climax resolved in as strange and exciting a manner as any reader could wish.

Douglas Rutherford

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