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'Only three people realised it st the time but the takeover battle for Mascot Motors, which was to oust labour disputes, famine and war from the front pages of the British press, began Just a quarter of an hour before the start of the Luxembourg Grand Prix.' This is a story of conflict, tension and violence on three planes: high finance, motor racing and sex. City men battle for control of the Crawford family firm of Mascot Motors; drivers fight it out on the international racing circuit; two men contend for the love of a beautiful woman. In all three contests no holds are barred. For ace driver Patrick Crawford life suddenly becomes more hazardous, more dangerous, for on his skill and daring depend not only the result of a Formula One Grand Prix, but the lives and fortunes of many men. At the same time he has to steer his way through the snares of a financier's jungle and grapple with the investigation of two closely linked murders of Mascot stockholdersó murders from which he would appear to benefit greatly . . . Douglas Rutherford's expertise on the motor-racing scene has led one reviewer to call him 'the Whyte Melville of the open throttle'. In this story he provides an equally authentic close-up of London's 'City', with its ruthless financiers, merchant bankers, and tycoons who will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Douglas Rutherford

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