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Douglas Rutherford

Comes the Blind Fury

Faber 1950
Jacket artwork by S. Irwin

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Special agent Regan wasn't too happy one chill morning when he got a call from his partner, telephoning to London from a Paris night club. And he wasn't any happier when Harry For-syth's voice died out, and he heard the throb of a dance band as the receiver dangled from Harry's hand. That was just a beginning, but Regan moved fast and he never stopped moving until he had straightened things out in a Swiss villa which didn't as a rule invite visitors or police inquiries. We don't think you will forget this siory or put the book down till it's finished, for the stakes are about as high as they can be and played by men without any scruples. You will remember too the blonde singer in Paris for whose love a man dies a horrible death. You will remember above all the skill of Douglas Rutherford, whose first novel this is, and you will place him at once in the front rank of thriller writers.

Douglas Rutherford

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