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Douglas Walshe Bibliography

UK First Edition Books in Order

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
With the Serbs in Macedonia John Lane 1920
The Wonderful Wooing Hutchinson 1924
Unaccountable Ann Hutchinson 1926
The Man of Her Choice Hodder & Stoughton 1926 As William Ashley
Injudicious Jerry Hutchinson 1927
The Smoke-Screen Hutchinson 1927
A Breaker of Hearts Newnes Pocket Novels 1927 As William Ashley
The Belle of the Harem Newnes Pocket Novels 1927 As WA
The Man Behind the Curtain Hutchinson 1928
Eastern Love Newnes Pocket Novels 1928 As William Ashley
His Secret Home Newnes Pocket Novels 1928 As WA
Her Double Life Newnes Pocket Novels 1928 As William Ashley
A Young Wife's Secret Newnes Pocket Novels 1928 As WA
A Gamble with Love Newnes Pocket Novels 1928 As William Ashley
Find the Lady ! Hutchinson 1929
Spider Girls Hutchinson 1930
A Wife's Deceit Newnes Pocket Novels 1930 As William Ashley
A Sham Daughter Leng 1930 As AW
The Girl Who Didn't Care Leng 1930 As WA
His Way with Women Newnes 1930 As William Ashley
The Man Who Had Everything Hutchinson 1931
His Innocent Victim Newnes 1931 As WA
His First Affair Leng 1931 People's Friend Library
Duty be Damned ! Hutchinson 1932
Close-Up Wright & Brown 1934
The Disappointed Heiress Leng 1934 As WA
Their Wife Wright & Brown 1934
Dancing Cheat Gramol 1935
Guilty ! Gramol 1935
Siren in Satin Gramol 1935
Hartington's Luck F.M. Mowl 1935
Her Lips Betrayed Gramol 1935
Two for a Pair Wright & Brown 1936
Fairly Caught Leng 1937
The Gold-Digger Leng 1938 People's Friend Library
Eve Gets Her Own Back Leng 1941

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Douglas Walshe Author Biography - Information About the Author
Douglas Walshe was born in 1880 and is a Hubin listed author.
We've gone way beyond the crime fiction books listed by Hubin and listed every book by Douglas Walshe in this bibliography that's held by the British Library and Oxford.
We've also included his pseudonym and duly noted those in the list above.

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