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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Harbingers of Fear Macdonald 1977 Brown cloth, gilt titles. DW 3.50
The Night She Died Joseph 1981 US: 1981 Scribner
Six Feet Under Joseph 1982 US: 1982 Scribner
Puppet for a Corpse Joseph 1983 US: 1983 Scribner
Close Her Eyes Joseph 1984 US: 1984 Scribner
Last seen Alive Joseph 1985 US: 1985 Scribner
Dead on Arrival Joseph 1986 US: 1986 Scribner
Element of Doubt Joseph 1987 US: 1987 Scribner
Suspicious Death Joseph 1988 US: 1988 Scribner
Dead By Morning Joseph 1989 US: 1989 Scribner
Doomed to Die Joseph 1991 US: 1991 Scribner
Wake the Dead Joseph 1992 US: 1992 Scribner
No Laughing Matter Joseph 1993 US: 1993 Scribner
A Day for Dying Joseph 1995  
Once Too Often Little Brown 1998  
Dead and Gone Little Brown 1999  

Further Information
Dorothy Simpson, born 1933, has one main series character Inspector Thanet, assisted by Sergeant Mike Lineham. All but the first title are set in Kent, England and feature well rounded supporting characters and are well plotted. The books attracted quite a bit of interest from collectors initially, though, inexplicably, this seems to have calmed down. The do represent something of an opportunity for collectors as they are not only good books but still reasonably priced, many having very attractive dust jackets. A full set of first editions should not be too difficult to put together, there are no issue points to worry about and, in all cases, the UK editions precede the American editions, they UK books are also more desirable in terms of collectability and value.


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