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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Death in the Back Seat Random 1936 UK: 1937 Hale. DW 7/6
The Golden Swan Murder Ditto 1939 UK: 1940 Hale. DW 7/6
Strawstack Ditto 1939 UK: 1939 Hale. DW 7/6
The Balcony Random 1940 UK: 1941 Hale. Not in ECB
Thirty Days Hath September Ditto 1942 with George Sessions Perry. Hale '50
Crimson Friday Ditto 1943 UK: 1945 Hale. DW 8/6
The Seventeenth Letter Random 1945 UK: 1948 Hale
Explosion Ditto 1948  
The Hangman's Tree Random 1949  

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Further Information
Dorothy Cameron Disney, born 1903, was an American author who is deserving of a wider audience. The American editions precede the English and are more sought after by collectors. She lead a varied life working as a stenographer, nightclub hostess, film extra and copy writer. There are no known series characters.


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