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Dorothy B Hughes Bibliography

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Dorothy B Hughes
Series Character: Inspector Tobin

The following bibliography - Checklist contains primarily the crime and mystery fiction titles
American editions precede English books in all cases, some titles not published in Britain
There are several uncollected short stories published in Ellery Queen Magazine, Saint Magazine et al
The books are very collectable and consequently expensive. UK editions or very scarce.
Signed editions do turn up in relatively reasonable numbers

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Dark Certainty Yale University 1931 Poetry - verse
The So Blue Marble Duell 1940 UK: 1979 Bantam
Haycraft Queen Cornerstone
The Cross-Eyed bear Duell 1940 UK: 1943 Nicholson and Watson
The Bamboo Blonde Duell 1941
The Fallen Sparrow Duell 1942 UK: 1943 Nicholson and Watson
The Blackbirder Duell 1943 UK: 1948 Nicholson and Watson
The Delicate Ape Duell 1944
Johnnie Duell 1944 UK: 1946 Nicholson and Watson
Dread Journey Duell 1945 UK: 1948 Nicholson and Watson
Ride the Pink Horse Duell 1946 UK: 1979 Bantam
The Scarlet Imperial Mystery Book Club 1946 Also as Kiss for a Killer 1954 Spivak
In a Lonely Place Duell 1947 UK: 1950 Nicholson and Watson
Basis for 1950 noir film starring Humphrey Bogart
Also a Haycraft Queen Cornerstone
The Big Barbecue Random House 1949 Not crime fiction
The Candy Kid Duell 1950
The Davidian Report Duell 1952 Also as: The Body on the Bench Dell 1955
The Expendable Man Random House 1963 UK: 1964 Andre Deutsch

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Dorothy B Hughes Biography
Dorothy B Hughes, born 1904 and died 1993, Aerican born. Winner of the Mystery Writers of America Edgar Allan Poe Award for criticism in 1950 and the Grand Master Award in 1978

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