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Don Betteridge Bibliography

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Don Betteridge aka Bernard Newman
Series Character Tiger Lester

The following bibliography / checklist contains the criminous titles

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Buy Books by Don Betteridge

Buy Books by Don Betteridge

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Scotland Yard Alibi Herbert Jenkins 1938 Orange cloth, black titles
Dust jacket priced 7/6
Cast Iron Alibi Herbert Jenkins 1939  
Balkan Spy As Above 1942 Dustwrapper priced 7/6
The Escape of General Gerard As Above 1943  
Dictator's Destiny Herbert Jenkins 1945  
The Potsdam Murder Plot As Above 1947  
Spies Left ! Robert Hale 1950  
Not Single Spies Robert Hale 1951  
Spy Counter Spy Robert Hale 1953  
The Case of the Berlin Spy Robert Hale 1954  
The Gibraltar Conspiracy As Above 1955  
The Spies of Peenemunde As Above 1958  
Contact Man As Above 1960  
The Package Holiday Spy Case Robert Hale 1962  

Dust Jacket Artist: Alex Jardine

Further Information
Don Betteridge was a pseudonym of a very popular and prolific British author Bernard Charles Newman (8 May 1897 19 February 1968) the Betteridge books are uncommon, many quite rare, they're sought after by collectors. Most of the Hale titles are often former public library and the early Jenkins are scarce in jacket



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