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Dick Donovan Bibliography

UK First Edition Books

The following bibliography contains the criminous titles
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
From the Bosom of the Deep Gerald Swan 1886 as JE Muddock
The Man Hunter Chatto & Windus 1888  
Caught at Last Chatto 1889  
Who Poisoned Hetty Duncan Chatto 1890  
Tracked and Taken Chatto 1890  
The Man from Manchester Chatto 1890  
A Detective's Triumphs Chatto 1891  
Tracked to doom Chatto 1891  
Wanted a Detective's Strange Adventures Chatto 1892  
In the Grip of the Law Chatto & Windus 1892  
From Information Received Chatto 1893  
Link by Link Chatto 1893  
From Clue to Capture Hutchinson 1893  
Suspicion Aroused Chatto 1893  
Found and Fettered Hutchinson 1894  
Eugene Vodocq Hutchinson 1895  
Dark Deeds Chatto 1895  
Riddles Dead Chatto 1896  
The Mystery of Jamaica Terrace Chatto 1896  
The Chronicles of Michael Danevitch Chatto 1897  
The Records of Vincent Trill Chatto 1899 Title re British Library
Printed boards shown as:
Vincent Trill of the Secret Service
Tales of Terror Chatto & Windus 1899  
The Adventures of Tyler Tatlock Chatto 1900  
Deacon Brodie Chatto& Windus 1901  
Jim the Penman Newnes 1901  
Whose Was the Hand Digby 1901 as JE Muddock
The Scarlet Seal John Long 1902  
The Crime of the Century Long 1904  
The Fatal Ring Hurst & Blackett 1905  
A Knight of Evil White 1905  
Thurtell's Crime Laurie 1906  
The Knutsford Mystery White 1906  
The Gold-Spinner White 1907  
The Shadow of Evil Everett 1907  
In the Queen's Service John Long 1907  
Startling Crimes Pearson 1908  
A Gilded Serpent Ward Lock 1908  
In the Face of the Night Long 1908  
The Sin of Preaching Jim Everett 1908  
Tangled Destinies Laurie 1908  
The Great Turf Fraud Pearson 1909  
A Wild Beauty F. V. White 1909  
Lil of the Slums T. Werner Laurie 1909  
Scarlet Sinners George Newnes 1910  
For Honour or Death Ward 1910  
The Naughty Maid of Mitchum White 1910  
The Fatal Woman White 1911  
The Trap A Revelation White 1911  
The Triumphs of Fabian Field White 1912  
The Rich Man's Wife Smith 1912 with EW Elkington
The Turning Wheel White 1912  
Out There Everett 1922  

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Short Biography
Dick Donovan, christened James Edward Muddock (aka Joyce Emmerson Preston Muddock), was born in England 28th May 1843 to 1934. He also wrote a large number of non-criminous books which are not included in this bibliography.
We are indebted to Bruce Durie for accurate birth dates details


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