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Derrick Nabarro Bibliography

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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Derrick Nabarro Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Wait for the Dawn Cassell & Co 1952 Account of an escape from a prisoner-of-war camp
Account of the author's escape from a prison camp in Germany
Paperback 1955 Panther books, #510
The Rod of Anger Cassell & Co 1953 US: Sloane 1953
Reprinted in paperback, Penguin Books, 1955
Also as Too Hard to Handle Popular Library 1955
"John Granger behind the Iron Curtain"
The Seeds of Destruction Cassell & Co 1954 Dust jacket artist Edward Pagram
UK paperback Viking Press 1956
Softcover wrapper artwork by Walt Howarth
"Spy thriller set in East Germany"
The Chariot of Desire Cassell & Co 1956
North from Singapore Cassell & Co 1956 Paperback: World Distributors London, 1958
"Guerrilla army led into Japanese territory"

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Derrick Nabarro Author Biography - Information About the Author
Derrick Nabarro was born in 1921 and is included in Hubin's crime fiction reference guide.
Whilst many may not have heard of Derrick Nabarro he is a collected author. All of his books benefit from attractive dustwrapper artwork which adds ot their collectability.
The books are not comon in the "real world" - online easier to find but hardback first edition books in jacket are by no means common.
Readers will struggle with The Chariot of Desire not reprinted nor reissued in paperback format, at least as far as we have been able to ascertain.
If you know anything of the author's life please do email us the details and we'll improve this page/bibliography.

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